Cell Window

Ink on paper, 91.5 x 91.5 cm, 2009
In 2009 I began a series of drawings using felt-tipped markers. The initial urge to make these drawings was to rebel against the speed of the ‘working world.’ In creating these works, I set myself a number of challenges. The first was to discover a vast number and variety of shapes. The second was to make the drawings complex enough to provide visual interest and ideally, with the accumulation of shapes, to provide a visual intensity. The last challenge was to test my own endurance to cover larger and larger surfaces. The size of the individual shapes in the drawings range from 1 mm to 2.5 cm.

It was my intent that the tiny detailed shapes would be individual units in a larger population rather than read as texture. I also searched for large organizing structures for the tiny shapes. The shapes evoke forms in nature – single celled organisms, bacteria, plant cells, celestial bodies, mineral crystals, mollusks, gastropods, diatoms, fungus or molds but without direct reference.